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What some of our clients say

Francisca Kagwiria

Founder: Westhood Chess Academy
"This website is exactly as I wanted it to be. awesome!"

"I am happy with the services we got from Naihost. We needed an urgent website that we could use for tournament registration and management for “MACHAKOS REGIONAL CHESS QUALIFIERS” and our future business.

Speaking with Service team representative, they were able to offer a custom solution by quickly building the simplest site that allowed players to register for the tournament along with an admin panel to manage the tournament from. Later the rest of the website content and services was developed and has significantly improved our productivity."

Evans Agure

Developer: Eazy Jobs Africa

"Since i started publishing my works on Naihost, my websites have not had a single service interruption. this is amazing. kudos! guys."

Infrastructure and Design


We ensure that every package you select from us is price optimised. You get the best service for the cheapest price possible.

Custom designs

We love Originals! Building everything from gound up ensuring the web app is custom to your needs.

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

We´ve got two server cluster and automated system to switch in case of emergency.

24x7 Support

If you need help, you can talk to real person - no more waiting for emails etc. Just call us on 0724698462


We buld the security features for our servers and applications from ground-up while observing the best and latest recommended security designs

Integrated with social Media

We ensure flawless navigation between the websites and social media accounts for you and your customers


our servers are optimized for speed, ensuring your website barely takes a second to load.

Customer Relations

Many of our clients choose us because:

We are good at what we do and we get results . We want to add value and, even within a fixed-fee retainer, our goal is always, and regularly, to create meaningful opportunities for our clients.

We put a lot of effort into developing relationships with our clients so we can provide meaningful advice. We get to know them as individuals, we learn about their business, we understand the sector in which they operate, we get to know what they are comfortable with so we can deliver it.

We work on a ‘no surprises’ policy. No unexpected bills. No budget blow-outs. No missed deadlines. No broken promises. No shoddy service.

We go the extra mile. Our retainer agreements are designed to add extra value to clients for whom every shilling counts.

We never turn the cell phone off. It’s on 24/7 and it gets answered whenever you call. So you can be assured of round-the-clock service (and, trust us, some clients do need it).

Our Clients Profile

We provide practical, down-to-earth solutions that recognises most clients:

  • Have tight budgets.
  • Want practical Solutions.
  • Need tangible results.
  • Want those solutions yesterday.
  • Want to work with someone they can trust.

Why should you work with us?

We are not that old, we've been around for about 2years and we are steadily growing.

We therefore take very serious any one who trusts us to use our services. we ensure that we:

  • Build relationships with you.
  • Are cost-effective.
  • Go the extra mile.
  • Do the job properly, first time.
  • Deliver the results our clients want.
  • Are pleasant to work with.

For farther enquiries, give us a call.


+254 727 725 679 +254 724 698 462

Email: [email protected]

Head office:Nairobi

Till: 8159082


Feel free to reach out to us


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